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4 Responses to Email List

  1. bonnie mellos says:

    HI Rick-
    It was nice to meet you the other day. I have a group of about 5-8 people coming down on Friday night. We plan to arrive at 6 pm. Patti sent a msg to Diane to confirm this will be ok just wanted to give you a heads up. email me with any questions. Thanks Bonnie

  2. E. Barksdale says:

    Hi Henry,
    I attended my first class on Thursday Dec. 6th and registered for the 4 week session. December has turned out to be overwhelmingly busy for me.
    Would it be possible for me to resume taking the other 3 classes in January?

  3. Barb Hanks says:

    Hi. I might be interested in the open studio time; I have some ideas I’d like to pursue, but the artist who has been teaching me is running into scheduling conflicts of her own. What kinds of materials do you provide? Glazes? Firing? Cost per session?

  4. Lisa Funchess says:

    Interested in doing a private kids party for my 6 year old who has taken an interest in pottery making. Do you do group classes/parties

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